Why Christians repeat the exact same statements over and over again?

Many atheists, myself included, have argued with Christians and Creationists so long, that we’ve noticed many of them seem to repeat the exact same statements over and over again, particularly with respect to their dismissals of what we have to say. By “dismissals”, I mean that they usually end their thread of the conversation with a put-down. For example, first on the list below is “I’ll Pray for you”, which sounds nice, but on closer scrutiny is really nothing more than pious sounding condescension. When most Christians or Creationists end their conversation with “I’ll pray for you”, they are essentially saying, “Well, I’m right, because God has giving me the gift of faith and obviously hasn’t given it to you, or some such self justification for their position. This artful technique enables them to ignore any opposition despite which one of the participants is better educated on the topic or presents their argument better…”

Below is a list of the most commonly repeated Christian cliches. You will see these statements, or slight variations of them, in nearly every message board and newsgroup that deals with religion versus non-religion. Please feel free to use this list to point out the complete lack of originality, or the predictability of the average Christian in debating religious subjects.

The Pathos or “I pity you, Fool! ” group
These statements basically say that the Christian is a superior person who must have pity on all of the poor, lowly unbelievers.
(1) “I’ll pray for you.”
(2) “Jesus Loves You”
(3) “God Loves You”
(4) “I feel sorry for you.”
(5) “Atheists suffer from a mental illness that makes them unable to detect God/Spiritual things.”
(6) “Jesus still loves you!”

The “atheism = religion/faith” group
These all boil down to saying that not believing in a religion is the same as believing in one.
(7) “You have to believe in SOMETHING!”
(8) “Everyone worships SOMETHING!”
(9) “It takes a lot more faith to believe in Evolution than it does to believe in God.”
(10) “It takes a lot more faith to ignore the evidence of God than it does to believe in him.”
(11) “I only wish that my faith in God was as strong as your faith in Atheism/Evolution.”
(12) “You may think your happy, but you can only know TRUE HAPPINESS through Jesus Christ.”

The “You’re stupid, I’m smart, so stop wasting my time…” group
In these cliches, the Christian tells you that you’re either blind, stupid, ignorant, or willingly deceiving yourself, despite how much better your argument is than theirs.
(13) “You have already made up your mind, and it’s a waste of time to try to convince you.”
(14) “You have chosen to be blind to the TRUTH!”
(15) “You have closed your heart off to the TRUTH!”
(16) “You have obviously been deceived by the devil.”
(17) “I found Jesus. Why can’t you?”
(18) “The fool sayeth in his heart that there is no God!”
(19) “You’re obviously running away from God!”
(20) “You’re obviously hiding from the truth!”
(21) “Though you say you don’t believe, deep down inside, you know there is a God!”

The “God’s obvious to me, What’s your problem?” group
This group assumes that all unbelievers have a mental block, or cannot see what it obvious to the believer.
(22) “If there is no God, how do you explain the world we live in?”
(23) “What happened in your life that made you hate God?”
(24) “Of course the Bible sounds like foolishness! Without faith in God, you cannot understand his wisdom!”
(25) “Even though you don’t believe it, Jesus/God Loves you!”
(26) “Even though you don’t believe it, Jesus/God is REAL!”

The “Your life has no meaning” group
These statements tell the unbeliever that their life is worthless, pointless, meaningless, or otherwise not worth anything, unless they accept JESUS
(27) “Well, those people were not TRUE Christians…”
(28) “A universe without God is a universe without Hope!”
(29) “Without a God, life is meaningless.”
(30) “Christianity is not just the best answer. It is the only answer.”
(31) “You have devoted your life to something NEGATIVE (atheism), rather than something POSITIVE (christianity, of course).”

The “Just you wait…” group
These all basically say that you’ll eventually be a believer, when you’re old enough, smart enough, have a revelation, etc.
(32) “One day, you will know what THE TRUTH is!
(33) “Some day, God will call you.”
(34) “One day you will call to God for help.”
(35) “If you simply have faith in him, you will see that God is real.”
(36) “I was once like you, a foolish, young, unbeliever…”
(37) “There are no atheists in foxholes…”

The “Threats of Hellfire” group
These are all empty, pointless threats that even if you can win the debate, you’re going to go to hell, so f___ you.
(38) “The day will come when you realize the lord is your only salvation.”
(39) “It’s too bad that you’re going to Hell.”
(40) “One day you will have to answer to Jesus Christ Himself, and then it wont be so funny when he throws your unrepentent soul into HELL.”
(41) “You had better get right with God now before it’s too late.”
(42) “Hope you have an asbestos suit, cause you’re going to HELL.”
(43) “Hope you enjoy your special place in HELL.”
(44) “One day, when you’re burning in Hell, you’ll remember this conversation, and that I warned you!”

My personal favorite finishes off the list here. I call this the,

“I am a real Christian but you were never a real Christian!” group.
These short quips are often used to immediately shut the mind of the true believer so he or she does not have to think for a second longer. The arrogance and pride of such individuals is striking.
(45) “There is no such thing as an ex-christian, honey.”
(46) “You only THOUGHT you were a Christian.”
(47) “If you really had the Holy Spirit, you could never doubt GOD.”
(48) “When God gave out the GIFT of faith, He left you out.”
(49) “I know Jesus is real in my heart and if you ever had a real personal relationship with him like I have, you would know He is real too.”


13 thoughts on “Why Christians repeat the exact same statements over and over again?

  1. Then I will answer your first question which is the title of this blog,

    “Why do Christians keep repeating the same things over and over again?”

    In this case then, I guess it is because you don’t want to anything new?

    Please let me know if you really do want to have a civil discussion, because the Hitchens/Dawkins ,”insult them”, approach is quite primitive and violates morality as it postulates moral outrage.
    More like devolving than evolving.


    You know how to reach me.


    • That’s typical of christians; when they have no answer to question that challenged their mind, they bailout. I guess I never get an answer to my question! If god created the world, who created god?


      • Lazarus – The Bishop of Larnia on the Island of Cyprus. He was raised from the dead by Jesus. He was a friend of Jesus Christ.
        That’s one answer.
        Now my turn.
        I’ve only asked one question.
        You ask too many at one time.
        Then the accusations too numerous to respond to.
        Do you even know how many subjects you brought up ?
        I’m game to this.
        I really am.
        But we must take each issue one at a time.
        Doesn’t that sound reasonable ?
        That isn’t my question by the way.


      • Thank you.

        Well written article about Christian responses by the way.

        After having read you’re article I would like to ask you this question. (I will frame it for an atheist perspective).

        If a God existed, what attributes and abilities would set him apart from mortals ?


    • If God’s attributes are such that we understand them to be non-spatial and non-temporal, then how do we distinguish that from merely not existing? I will present another argument in this format: 1) anything that exists occupies space and time.2) God does not occupy space and time. 3) Therefore God does not exist. From our experience within this universe, we witness the existence of things, and every time we perceive existing things we perceive them in the dimensional fabric of space-time; We perceive them exist spatially and temporally. However what does it mean for us to perceive things to exist non-spatially and non-temporally? We can simply conclude that to exist non-spatially and non-temporally is simply non-existing. We can also say that to exist non-spatially and non-temporally is a contradiction since anything that exists intrinsically occupies space and time. So, the concept of god exist is just fallacy!

      What did God do during that eternity before he created everything? If God was all that existed back then, what disturbed the eternal equilibrium and compelled him to create? Was he bored? Was he lonely?
      God is supposed to be perfect. If something is perfect, it is complete — it needs nothing else. We humans engage in activities because we are pursuing the elusive perfection, because there is disequilibrium caused by a difference between what we are and what we want to be. If God is perfect, there can be no disequilibrium. There is nothing he needs, nothing he desires, and nothing he must or will do. A God who is perfect does nothing except exist. A perfect creator God is impossible.

      The Bible contradicts itself on matters of history. A person who reads and compares the contents of the Bible will be confused about exactly who Esau’s wives were, whether Timnah was a concubine or a son, and whether Jesus’ earthly lineage is through Solomon or his brother Nathan. These are but a few of hundreds of documented historical contradictions. If the Bible cannot confirm itself in mundane earthly matters, how are we to trust it on moral and spiritual matters?

      One need look to no source other than the Bible to discover its imperfections, for it contradicts itself and thus exposes its own imperfection. It contradicts itself on matters of justice, for the same just God who assures his people that sons shall not be punished for the sins of their fathers turns around and destroys an entire household for the sin of one man (he had stolen some of Yahweh’s war loot). It was this same Yahweh who afflicted thousands of his innocent people with plague and death to punish their evil king David for taking a census (?!). It was this same Yahweh who allowed the humans to slaughter his son because the perfect Yahweh had botched his own creation. Consider how many have been stoned, burned, slaughtered, raped, and enslaved because of Yahweh’s skewed sense of justice. The blood of innocent babies is on the perfect, just, compassionate hands of Yahweh.


      • 1) God created space and time.
        2) Therefore space and time are subject to God but God is not subject to them.
        3) We cannot judge whether or not God exists by laws of the universe that restrict us because God as creator transcends the laws that restrict us.


      • As for the rest of you comments I will simply point out that you are making several moral judgements about God.
        But if you are making a moral judgement you are positing a moral law giver as the basis for moral law.
        But that is what you are trying to disprove.
        So what is the question ?

        If Darwin’s theory is your basis for moral law then survival of the fittest still rules. And even Darwin admitted that is a problem for mankind to face then because as he wrote ,”nature is red in tooth and claw.”


    • Let me asked you a question? What other book makes god look like a maniac, and cold-blooded, indifferent, punitive and pompous, i.e., a supreme sociopath? What other book has caused so many murders, confusion, strife, genocides. What other source has such blatant, contradictory claims and has gone virtually unedited from the first, wherein, furthermore, its “witnesses” testimonies wouldn’t be accepted in the smallest courtrooms of the USA? Where else, even in ancient texts, will one find genocide portrayed as virtuous? The bible is a book of lies by the father of lies, with just enough facts and actual places thrown in to make it acceptable to the gullible. Tell me that it isn’t so. Prove to me differently – or better yet, prove it to yourself. In the meantime, I expect you’ll continue to wave that vile book around in your cocksure, pompous way.

      There are no “eye witness” accounts written about jesus during his lifetime so historians have to rely on interpretation of main canonical gospels text, mostly scrawled several decades after his death. The Bible is a product of its times is also revealed by the Ten Commandments. Nowhere in these commandments is there a condemnation of slavery, genocide, child molestation, or cruel treatment of homosexuals or non-human animals, but it does suggest that a wife is the property of the husband. It is apparent that the morality of modern civilization has surpassed that of the bible, but if god was the author of these commandments, it begs the question: are we today more moral than god? It takes little effort by anyone to construct a more enlightened set of instructions than what is contained in the Ten Commandments.


      • I would be glad to answer your if you would answer my original question first.
        You’re already aware ,no doubt, that I intend to lead you in a certain direction , one not mentioned in you’re above article.
        This is you’re blog. I am only you’re guest. I will respect your choice to not stay on subject, if that is what you choose.


      • Well, to make it simple for you to understand, god is product of man. How can non-existence have an attribute? Christian religion is just an ideological bases for power. Only the ignorant, the fearful and the paranoid believe in a greater god, an unknown something that interferes with and perverts the inevitable of nature. Human beings evolved not created. Rely on reason and not by myths.


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